Monday, August 16, 2010


So today we met at Disney University (yes there is a such thing) to go over some more basic training. We did a lot computer work and then the rest of the day had some cash register training. the day was pretty easy---the cash registers are easy and straight forward.

tomorrow i have one on one training and i think that i will actually be doing sales transactions and helping guests. I am a little worried because people ask so many questions and i just dont know that answer to everything yet--or where everything is. Oh well--i'll learn sometime.

I have wednesday and thursday off, so tomorrow is my "friday".

My roommate and another girl who lives in our apartment complex all went to magic kingdom last friday night for a little bit. We rode splash mountain and got soaked! I posted some pictures from that night!

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  1. Great pictures! You will do a GREAT job, you have "people" skills. Love you!