Friday, August 27, 2010

Pictures from Epcot and Hollywood Studios

this was a coke machine in epcot where you could sample what coke taste like in other parts of the world.

No More Training!

Hello Everyone! So for the last 2 days i have been working without anyone following me around, i have been alone. It has gone better then i thought, but i still don't know everything yet and i think that after a week of working then i will really feel 100%.

So far i have only worked in the candy store and i work there again tonight. i am nervous to work in the rest of the shops tomorrow but am excited to do it and get day one over with.

Every night for the rest of this week and next week I close the store, which means i dont go into work till around 4,5, or 6pm but that means that i also dont get out of there till weeee hours of the morning. So it is going to be a long couple of weeks.

Everything else is going well, i am off next monday and tuesday so i am looking forward to that!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pictures from my Phone

Here are some pictures from my phone that I have not added yet:

Magic Kingdom Electrical Parade(so cool all the floats light up and are in sync with music)

The castle at night

Tea Cup ride

My nice pool at my apartment

2nd Day Off

So I had today off as well! It was very successful day for I went to Animal Kingdom all day long. It was nice because I had never been there before so everything was all new to me. It was super hot today and I hear that they have to keep it extra humid inside AK because of the animals so i was dying hot all day long! The park is set up really cool- it is separated by countries- like Africa and Asia and then they have a huge part for Dinosaurs. It was hard to take it all in since it was so hot and there was so many people but all the decoration was really cute and they set up the streets to look like villages.

We went on the Africa Safari and it was so nice. It was a 20 minute ride throughout the jungle and we saw so many animals. All of the pictures that i posted are from that ride. The animals just are running around freely so it was so cool that you were so close. We saw two really cutes shows; one was its a big life that was 3d (very similar to hunny i shrunk the kids with all real life effects) and finding nemo the musical. Nemo i think would have been really cool but we were in the far back and couldnt see so it wasnt really worth it. We also rode on the main Dinosaur ride and it was SCARY! Overall i had a good day!

Back to work all this weekend and I have next Monday and Tuesday off!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2 Days off!!

Sooooo i finally got some days off today! I actually am lucky and scored today and tomorrow off before returning back to training on Friday! I am not sure what i am going to do with my days off, i think today i am just going to be lazy and get some stuff around the house finished. There are some other girls in my work location that also have tomorrow off (thursday) so i think that we all might get up kind of early and go to Animal Kingdom. I have never been to Animal Kingdom before so it will be a treat!

Last night after I got off of work Allie and I went to magic kingdom for awhile to play (we were also really hungry and didnt have any food here to eat, so half of the reason why we went there was to grab food! ha). For some odd reason there was NO ONE in the park at night. When we went to magic kingdom last friday night it was busy we couldnt even get around, but not last night. So i guess this is starting the "slow down" part of the year that all the cast members keep talking about it. It was so dead that we got on jungle cruise, thunder mountain, and pirates of the Caribbean rides all without even waiting, we hopped right on. We waited about 40 minutes last night in line for space mountain but it was worth it! It was a very fun (but very short) ride!

Yesterday was my 2nd day of training and oh boy was it stressful! I guess that they have got to do it but they just threw us in there to ring up customers and we were so busy every time we got to the cash resister. I guess that main street east also has 3 "carts" that are assigned to us- these carts are small little carts with merchandise on them that sit outside on main street. We trained at all three of these carts and boy was IT HOT!!! We also trained at the hat shop and it was a mad rush while we were there too. Overall it was a good day, i learned a lot and am excited to finally starting to feel comfortable with everything.


Monday, August 16, 2010


So today we met at Disney University (yes there is a such thing) to go over some more basic training. We did a lot computer work and then the rest of the day had some cash register training. the day was pretty easy---the cash registers are easy and straight forward.

tomorrow i have one on one training and i think that i will actually be doing sales transactions and helping guests. I am a little worried because people ask so many questions and i just dont know that answer to everything yet--or where everything is. Oh well--i'll learn sometime.

I have wednesday and thursday off, so tomorrow is my "friday".

My roommate and another girl who lives in our apartment complex all went to magic kingdom last friday night for a little bit. We rode splash mountain and got soaked! I posted some pictures from that night!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


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