Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So we are here!!! We stayed in Gainesville last night and got up this morning and toured around the campus! It was so pretty there!

It is only a 2 hour drive from there to Orlando we got in around 11 this morning. We went and found our hotel and where i check in tomorrow and then decided to go to downtown disney. Downtown disney is a boardwalk type place that has shopping, a movie theater, tons of dinning and a few little interactive shows. Its free and anyone can go at any time. We ate at planet hollywood for lunch and then spend the rest of the day going to all the shops. They have some amazing stores and tons of things to do. It was raining for the first couple of hours that we were there but then it got sunny.

After going to downtown disney we ran to the grocery store and got some items and then did some more exploring around the parks and orlando. We both took a nap in the hotel and then grabbed dinner down the street.

I am really excited but nervous to check in tomorrow...i still feel like i am just on a vacation!

I have added some pictures from planet hollywood and the lego store in downtown disney!


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