Friday, August 13, 2010


Hello All-

Sorry that i have not written in awhile--its been a busy 3 days to say the least! Ill try to capture everything and even add pictures.

Check in day wasnt that bad at all! Everything was pretty easy and everyone was so nice. We filled out a lot of paper work, got my car registered, and did more paper work. We picked our apartments and myself and Allie (my roommate) got a 3 bedroom apartment (so 6 total people). All the other girls are real cool and outgoing so it worked out well. We all have our own bathroom so that is wonderful! Everything else is pretty nice, i mean as nice as it can be for student living. The beds on the other hand....pretty yucky but that is what a bed topper is for!

So i know an area of where I am working but i will know more tomorrow of the exact shops and everything. All i know for now is that am working in magic kingdom on main street!! So look up main is so cool and looks like a little town with all these shops and fun stores. It is suppose to be modeled off Walt Disney's home town in Missouri. The good thing about magic kingdom is that it is the main park and is very busy and where i work is right where everyone first walks in so that is pretty cool. The bad part is that magic kingdom has "extra hours" some nights and is open till 3 am!! Which means I could be working till around 4am some nights!

Ill try to add more pictures when i have time.....we got our disney id today so we can start going to the parks for free!!!


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