Thursday, June 10, 2010

Disney College Program and all that it entails!


IN 2 MONTHS I LEAVE FOR FLORIDA! I cant wait and know that the time will fly.

For all of those who really have no idea what I am doing down in Disney I wanted to post about it- an no i am not working at disney as a princess.

As previously mentioned I was chosen to take on the role (job) of Merchandise. The other roles offered are:

* Attractions- work the rides
* Bell Service- help in the hotels
* Boutique Hostess- work in a spa for little girls
* Concierge- help in the hotels
* Character Attendant- watch/follow the disney characters
* Custodial- clean up around the parks
* Full Service Food and Beverage- work in restaurants/anything to do with food
* Hospitality- hotels
* Housekeeping- hotels
* Main entrance Operations- work the front gates
* Transportation- drive the buses, ect
* Vacation Planner- help customers
* Costuming- work in the custom department and pass out costumes to cast members

As you can see there are a lot of different roles I could have chosen/been chosen for. I thought that Merchandise would be the best fit for me, and I guess so did the Disney recruiters.

According to the website the College Program..." at the Walt Disney World® Resort is a one-of-a-kind, Disney-designed combination of education and work experience". Even though I graduated in May, as long as you are in college when you APPLY for the program then you are elgiable. You have to be in college or taking like 1 credit hour when you apply for the program- so there is NO age limit. I have heard of people that are like 26 doing the program.

There are general classes offered in the program in hopes to get some college credit while here in Orlando- courses like management, marketing, ect.... Since I am not in school or need credit I will not be taking any of these general classes.

There are however other "classes" offered that also could be for college credit. These so called "classes" are very hands on and one of them is called 8 executives, 8 weeks. This is a course that I think that I am going to take- for each week you get to meet with a different executive and its a great way to network!

YES I GET PAID! I am very lucky for most fashion internships I have looked into you do not get paid for. The pay isnt that great, but it is better than working for free!

Disney has housing for their college program students. There are 3 different apartments and I wont know which one I will be in till i get there. You also can have a 2, 3, or 4 bedroom apartment. All apartments are fully furnished! So I dont need to bring anything. All apartments have a pool, laundry room, work out, ect. The apartments are a few miles out from the actual park but they have busses just for us workers that go back and forth non-stop from the park to the apartments and from the apartments to places like wal-mart, ect.

I attached a map of the apartments, so you could see how close they are and everything else that is around it.

People from all around the United States will be doing this program as well as people all around the world! So it will be a great way to get the chance to interact with different cultures.

Well I hope this gives you all a better look at what the Disney College Program is!

"Reach for the sky!" - Woody (Toy Story)xoxo-bew

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