Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Traveling and Apartment Details

I can't believe that I have less than 3 weeks before i take off for Florida!

We finally have everything planned out as far as Travel. Dad and I are going to leave Monday the 9th and try to drive to Atlanta all in one day. On tuesday the the 10th we are going to try to make it as fast as we can to Orlando so we can have plenty of time to explore the town before it gets too late. Then the next morning (the 11th) I have to check in around 8am and dad is flying home that same day! I am so happy to finally have my travel plans figured out.....next on the list is PACKING!

So the Disney College Program offers housings for their interns. They have 4 total apartment complexes that are all pretty close to each other but all 4 are very different. DCP (disney college program) lets you pre pick one of your roommates if you know someone who is also doing the program. Through searching I found a girl who goes to the University of Arkansas and who is also a fashion merchandise major, so we are going to room together at Disney! I am really happy to find someone with the same interests as me.

All apartments are fully furnished with furniture for the bedrooms, living room and kitchen including dishes, pots, pans, ect. So it is really nice that we dont have to worry about who is bringing what since everything is provided for us (it also makes packing a lot easier). The apartments are your typical small college apartments but the bedrooms hold 2 people-like a dorm room almost. So if you live in a 2 bedroom apartment then there are 4 people that live there and 3 bedroom has 6 people. I really dont mind sharing a room with another person since i have done it three years of college with the dorm and sorority.

Some of the apartments are better than others and we get to chose when we check in which one and how many bedrooms we prefer to live in based on availability. So i will let you all know what apartment we chose and show pictures when the time comes!

I attached a map of the apartments!

Eeeeeek 3 weeks till Disney!!

xoxo- bew

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